December 30, 2009

Testing 123



December 04, 2007

Beethoven Decomposing

An old photo manipulation number based on the punch line to a very funny joke. I worked on 3 images to get to this one:

1> Low res image of an etching of Beethoven
2> Low res image of a Black Moore Goldfish
3> Hi res image of some bad teeth

Lessons learnt while producing this piece: Work with hi-res images whenever you can.

October 05, 2007

September 30, 2007


.....Mutant gnats can get the flu.



September 21, 2007

Boiled Fish Eye

Glassfruit Tree

The Glassfruit is a winter fruit. Glassfruit trees have transparent fruits & foliage. They look like dead trees and the transparent fruits & leaves can be made out by the way they catch light. Human Glassfruit eaters are characterized by broken teeth, cut up tongues and bleeding mouths. An excellent source of nourishment to silicon-based life forms.